Prosecution Folds During Ian Wallach’s Cross-Examination Of Complaining Witness – Van Nuys Courthouse — Oct. 10, 2013

by feldmanwallach

In a case where our client was charged with Domestic Violence (PC Section 273.5) and Violating a Court Order (PC Section 166), the Complaining Witness alleged that she was beaten by our client.  During Cross-Examination, Mr. Wallach elicited numerous inconsistencies between her testimony and her prior statements, a strong motive for being untruthful, and her proclivity for violence.  The Judge stopped the cross-examination after 90 minutes and urged the Prosecution to abandon the charges, which ultimately occurred.  The protective order extinguished, the client returned to his home without any punishment, and the Court didn’t even incarcerate the client for a violation of his probation.  This was a first for Ian Wallach, and the client was quite pleased.